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Kerala Specialty therapies in Global health

Kerala Specialty therapies are the set of Ayurvedic therapies widely used all over the world that has originated in Kerala, India. These are Navarakizhi( Shashtika Pinda sweda) Pizhichil( Sarvanga dhara), Talam & Talapothichil (Siro lepas), Sirodhara etc which are mostly of external in application. These therapies are being extensively used and it’s full potential is explored by eminent physicians like Ashtavaidyan Alathiyoor Narayanan Nambi (Senior) in curative as well as treatment areas. This precious knowledge is being propagated all over the world through various Maharishi Clinics.

Initially, this presentation is going to explain what are those therapies and its classical origins. The logic behind the selection of these therapies will be explained with suitable case studies in various types patients especially from the west.

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