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For past 2-3 decades surgery, the branch of medicine is being developed and thousands of patients found relief from their illness with the help of surgical management. The associated branches of modern science viz. Biophysics,Biochemistry, Pharmacology are always helpful to surgical intervention.

Many times the patient is not fit for surgery due to other medical problems. In such state the surgery has limitation and procedures are contra indicated. Ashtang Ayurveda is given special Stress upon “Shalakya Tantra” the branch of surgery. Acharya Sushruta is known as a pioneer of plastic surgery. Many surgical descriptions are advised in his text Sushrut Samhita. Even in the textbooks of Ayurvedic medicines, whenever there is a limitation to medical management the physician advised to refer such cases to surgeon.

They mentioned that to manage such patients surgically is right of Dhanvantari School of Surgery. But in present scenario many conditions of patients can be managed medically. Especially in some diseases, where surgery is indicated we can manage those conditions with Ayurvedic medicines.

Some diseases where surgery is indicated, medicines are not having that much scope. In those conditions Ayurvedic medical management plays an important role.
The ailments like Urolithiasis, Gallstones, small Cysts, Uterine fibroids can be managed successfully with the help of Ayurvedic medicines.

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