Anand Puranik Talk 2017


“Quality First Programme”: Implementing universally acceptable protocols in Quality Assurance.
Ranjit Anand Puranik, India

‘Quality’ is an everchanging definition always reflecting excellence in whichever industry or service it is applied to. ‘Quality’ and consistent performance can be sustained by industry only and only, when the fundamental architecture is
synchornised to deliver the warranted result. Such quality first ethos is hard to find and in industry its very easy to fall prey to ‘protests’ that shun change and clamour static mode in a dynamic market place. Most of the issues start when
one is reactionary to seemingly ever changing regulatory demands, proactive somehow is not a mindset identified with compliance. There are no real reasons for this global negative churn but is universally observed in industry approaches. It is always better to align with a medium term thought in readying enterprise to meet the challenges of a dynamic regulation. Having ones own Quality First Programme, defined in-house Quality standards that ramp up the organisation in preparedness to the immediate coming 5 years is a basic tenet to be ahead of the wave.

The statement of readying a ‘Quality First Programme’ is displayed above and reflects the mind set currently applicable to challenges facing the Ayurved industry. Some of the ideals are universal truths extending themselves to dietary supplements, functional foods and such like allied markets. Fair Trade, Organic sourcing of raw materials, rolling out traceability programme, keeping up with GMP’s, understanding pharmacopoeia and its relevance to Ayurved manufacturing and a current product monograph – are some of the highlights the presentation would cover. In Ayurved where basic fundamental research may not offer much viable programmes the creative genius in every enterprise must be honed to development of a set of standards that meet every global regulatory wish. ‘Times are changing …’, maybe a realisation but thankfully this change as is seen over the past 3 decades is in slow motion, perfectly viable to keep up and only limited by ones own subscription to Quality First.

The talk would concentrate on giving depth to a Quality First Programme in the hope that it impacts a more accepting mindset towards excellence in Ayurved industry.

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