Anand Shrivastava Talk 2017


Role of Maharishi AyurVeda in Health-Care and Longevity
Anand Shrivastava, India

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has given us a very deep insight into the vast field of Ayurveda. Upon seeing it thoroughly we can say that it is nothing but a reminder of the original knowledge of Ayurveda in it’s holistic form, which was given to us by Rishis and Maharishis since time immemorial. This full glory of Ayurveda is now known as “Maharishi AyurVeda”.

The whole premise of Maharishi Ayurveda lies in living a disease and suffering free life leading to enlightenment. Maharishi Ayurveda considers that Ayurvedic wisdom is for re-enlivening the memory of body functions and re-establishing balance in the whole physiology, using synergy of herbs and various therapies including detoxification, cleansing, Asanas, Pranayama, TM, etc.

Once the balance in physiology is restored, the perfect health as defined by Ayurveda is attained and maintaining that is real Health Care Maharishi AyurVeda is aiming for. This will ensure peak performance of the whole system as per desire and one can enjoy longevity not by just adding years to life but life to years.

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