Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger Talk 2017


A simple ama pachana treatment – practical application, clinical results and evaluation through HRV (heart rate variability) measurement
Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger, Austria

Ama pachana (removal of toxic undigested material) and agni deepana (strengthening of digestive power) are important pillars of ayurvedic treatment.

This lecture describes a simple, easy to apply 7 day ama pachana treatment that was prescribed 100 fold in daily practice. This treatment consists of herbal compounds, spices, and easy to follow dietary and life style recommendations.

Clinical cases show that this treatment can be an effective start into a successful ayurvedic therapy when indicated.

In the analysis through HRV (heart rate variability) signs of higher orderliness and autonomic stability could be found at the end of this 7 day treatment.

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