IC Bus Shuttle

The IC Bus is a good alternative mode of transport when travelling from the south of the Netherlands to Dusseldorf, Antwerp or Brussels.
The buses travel 2 routes, 4 x a day

Antwerp – Eindhoven – Dusseldorf and

Brussels – Roermond – Dusseldorf Hbf and airport.

Fares start at Euro 9.00 for a one way ticket. For bus schedules and more information please go to https://www.nsinternational.nl/en/buying-train-tickets/ic-bus/destinations. You can also book your tickets by telephone at NS International Service Center (+31 (0)30-2300023, local rate). Depending on availability, tickets can also be purchased on the bus.

Departure from Roermond:

The bus station is located near the train station and Shopping Outlet Roermond. Download the station map.

Departure from Eindhoven:

Bus station Eindhoven is located less than 200 metres from Eindhoven Station at the Stationsweg.
Download the station map (74Kb)

Destinations and travel times

Eindhoven – Antwerpen Centraal 1.15 hrs
Eindhoven – Düsseldorf ZOB 1.38 hrs
Eindhoven – Düsseldorf Flughafen 3.20 hrs
Antwerpen Centraal – Düsseldorf ZOB 2.48 hrs

Roermond – Brussel Centraal 2.00 hrs
Roermond – Düsseldorf Hbf 0.50 hrs
Brussel Centraal – Düsseldorf ZOB* 2.55 hrs

*Düsseldorf ZOB is a bus station that is a five minutes walk from the train station Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof.

Visit the website of IC Bus and book your seat.
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