John Hagelin Talk 2017


Maharishi Vedic Medicine is Ultra-Modern, Cutting-Edge Medicine — Unified Field Based Medicine
John Hagelin (PhD Harvard), USA

Recent breakthroughs in our scientific understanding of the Universe from string theory and M-theory present Ayurvedic medicine in a completely new light. They reveal that Ayurvedic medicine is unified field based medicine—i.e., the direct application to human health of the deepest principles of nature’s functioning—i.e., the deepest laws of nature governing subatomic scales. Specifically, the three doshas directly correlate, in modern scientific terms, to the three superfields of supersymmetric quantum field theory; the pancha mahabhutas to the five quantum-mechanical spin-types; and the Atma (Self), which is fundamental to Ayurveda, correlates to the “unified field” or superstring field. This new understanding from modern physics reveals that Ayurvedic medicine is more fundamental—and thus potentially more powerful—than contemporary pharmacological medicine. It also explains why Ayurveda, being unified field based medicine, is truly holistic—and hence naturally free of adverse side effects, in comparison to more superficial and fragmented allopathic approaches.

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