Karin Pirc Talk 2017


Treating Diabetes II with Maharishi Ayurveda
Dr. phil. Karin Pirc, Germany

Since Diabetes – if untreated – goes along with dysuria, it is dealt in the classical ayurvedic texts as prameha, a variety of diseases which are connected to the disturbed urine production.

Diabetes II in Ayurveda is considered as life style disease – in terms of modern medicine it is caused by insuline resistance of body cells and malfunction of the insuline producing cells of the pancreas. Both causes are successfully dealt with in Ayurveda. Insuline restistance in ayurvedic terms is the blockage of the srotas due to unhealthy eating habits and behaviour, whereas the pancreatic cells are underfunctioning.

Therefore treating diabetes is an ayurvedic multimodality concept which includes purification methods like panchakarma, ama reduction with food regimen and lifestyle as well as herbal compounds for purification and stimulation of pancreatic cells. With this combination of therapies all cases of Diabetes II can be reversed, most often completely cured while the late complications can be prevented and many of them reversed also.

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