Keith Wallace Talk 2017


Microbiom and Ayurveda
Dr. Keith Wallace, USA

In Ayurveda, food is regarded as medicine. Modern research on the human microbiome is helping to give a more comprehensive scientific understanding of this concept. The term microbiome describes the microorganisms that reside within us, as well as the collective genes they contain. The greatest quantity of these microorganisms is located in the gut. Recent research has revealed that large of diseases are affected by the state of our gut bacteria through the gutbrain axis. Diet is one of main factors that can disrupt the gut bacteria and cause a toxic inflammatory state that leads to disease. What is remarkable is that as a result of the research on the microbiome many other important concepts in Ayurveda, such as ama and agni, can now be scientifically understood. This will inevitably lead to a greater acceptance of Ayurveda’s profound programs for improving the health of our mind and body.

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