Prof. Bhushan Patwardhan Talk 2017


Integrative Approaches For The Future: Ayurveda, Genomics and Epigenetics
Prof. Bhushan Patwardhan, PhD, FAMS, India

In the Vedic knowledge systems, the syllable Om symbolized a primordial sound what stands unchanged behind the changes we see. In the modern science genome symbolizes an immortal unbroken chain of life. Omics involve study of not only genome but also other consequential molecules like proteins and metabolites. Today modern science is moving in the direction of systems biology, artificial intelligence and complexity theories, where importance of holistic approaches is recognized. Advances in molecular biology and omics technologies are shaping current understanding of biomedicine, yet the promise of personalized medicine has not materialized. With emerging science of epigenetics, scientists are now realizing avenues beyond genetics. Need for systems approach and nonlinear complexity sciences is intensely felt than ever before. In such a situation, basic principles like loka, purusha, mahabhuta, dosha, rasa, guna, agni and prakriti have become more relevant. Ayurveda has person-centered approach where each individual requires personalized diet, lifestyle, and therapeutics. An emerging field of research field known as Ayugenomics is now showing new ways to expedite the progress of personalized health and integrative medicine of the future.

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