Robert Schneider Talk 2017


Mind over Aging: An Integration of Modern Medicine and Ancient Vedic Perspectives on Overcoming Aging
Robert H. Schneider, MD, FACC, USA

Everyone ages – in every country, culture and time epoch. Usually beyond 40, aging is associated with a decline in mental and physical abilities. To live longer, healthier and happier lives, people often turn to a plethora of products that promise to slow the biological clock only to find that none of these widely marketed approaches brings complete or long-lasting fulfillment.

Fortunately, modern medical science has discovered the secrets of an ancient system of natural medicine that has been shown to prevent and slow the aging process. This holistic approach to aging enhances the mind and body from deep within, using the wisdom of the body’s inner intelligence. It’s the world’s most ancient, complete and sophisticated system of natural medicine revised in a modern scientific context with the development of consciousness at its foundation. This is Maharishi AyurVeda, including the Transcendental Meditation technique.

In this presentation, we review the ancient Ayurvedic understanding of the aging process and prescriptions for Rasayana therapy, including behavioral Rasayanas may be understood and validated with modern scientific insights and experiments. These modern concepts encompass epigenetics, the microbiome, mind-body medicine and successful aging. This combination of modern and ancient Vedic views leads to an integrated vision of possibilities for enhancing the aging process in contemporary society.

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