Sunil Patil Talk 2017


Ideal Panchakarma Center, Charaka’s view
Vaidyaraj Sunil B. Patil, India

Ayurveda is becoming more and more popular in last few decades. All approach of Ayurveda especially the Panchakarma Therapy is widely accepted as preventive and therapeutic major.

Panchakarma is an integral part of Ayurveda and it is in practice from ancient days. Panchakarma is the only Therapy available to element impurities and cleansing of your body, this therapy detoxification your body, recharge your mind and rejuvenates you.

The number of Panchakarma practitioners and experts is increasing now a days. They are certainly needed proper Guidance about how to start the Panchakarma Hospitals. Acharya Charaka has been well explained about ideal Panchakarma centre.

The Vastu, the main Building and various Departments, different staff, Dietary regime, surroundings, Different sections of Panchakarma treatments with the proper guidance from Charak Samhita – Sutrasthana Chapter 15, one can easily learn how to raise and maintained an ideal Panchakarma Centre and give maximum benefits to their patients.

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